Monochrome 1: Black and white conversions with TKActions V6 – Good Light Journal

With pixel-based luminosity masks, the image can always be seen to some degree in the mask. Not surprisingly, some of these masks are good candidates for actual monochrome images. The RapidMask2 module has dedicated 16-bit output options to use luminosity masks as actual black and white images.
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How Soon Is Now

It was already the thrill hearing Johnny Marr at the Phoenix Club performing The Smiths classics. I was a photographer at that Morrissey concert at Massey Hall back in ’97 when the punters at the front were making desperate lunges towards the stage and their hero and security was punting them back into the crowd or out the side door and losing the battle. Morrissey went off stage while the band played and the surge of the crowd was on taking over the stage. Morrissey came back on to finish the song but a zealous security guard mistakenly stagerushed an upset Morrissey off stage towards the back. The show was over. Now I never thought that Morrissey himself would ever be back in Toronto again, and to perform this song live at Sony Center makes things complete. At least that’s the way I see it or mis-remember it as usual.

Hello Hello! The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour MAL 2835

Hello hello!

Dont know why you say goodbye I say hello.

Don’t mind me.

I have not become a snob or a collector because who could afford that?

My way of lifestyle has been piqued by the monotheistic world of The Beatles in MONO. It may be paradoxical to have updated the stereo system to listen to mono channel recordings. However, with The Beatles it is an absolute pleasure to hear the imaging straight down the centre of the room as I listen. Those who have become accustomed to the way The Beatles sound in the stereo world, you may be in Country Style Donuts and their sound system may be on and you are sitting under a right speaker where all the instruments dwell, meanwhile Paul or George’s vocals are at the other end of the room coming out of a left speaker. Somewhere in between the window seat and the table close to the ovens baking the midnight batch of doughnuts is the sweet spot.

Magical Mystery Tour comes a few years after The Beatles early period where stereo wide or near meant John singing Twist and Shout vocals on the left with guitars and backing vocals on the right. Does Magical Mystery Tour lose any mystery in mono? Not by a long shot. If anything there is a crystal clarity with even Ringo’s drums shining through.

I have a few other recordings to go through and will keep you updated on my own tour of The Beatles across the universe of sound.

Some notes: with this being an original recording of that year the vinyl is clean with many surface scratches with nothing digging deep. However on the first side, there is crackle that will come to the fore without detracting from the ultimate listen. The B side is a different story with a noticeable pock on Strawberry Fields Forever. Magical Mystery Tour remains a psychedelic trip. Baby, you’re a rich man! Have a fun listen out there!
Love is all you need


DSC_2642-Edit, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

In actuality what we have here is Sarah Smith the sultry smoky songstress of The Joys with Paint Robb Johannes post performance at C’est What. The third night of the four week residency, Sarah Smith is “a hero and inspiration” to Paint.

These two bands were my lead-in to the residency having seen The Joys and Paint both for the first time at The Horseshoe way back in January. Have camera and a vital lesson that Toronto Star photographer Boris Spremo taught me at the opening of Roy Thomson Hall – always be ready – and my rule: always give it your best.

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