How Soon Is Now

It was already the thrill hearing Johnny Marr at the Phoenix Club performing The Smiths classics. I was a photographer at that Morrissey concert at Massey Hall back in ’97 when the punters at the front were making desperate lunges towards the stage and their hero and security was punting them back into the crowd or out the side door and losing the battle. Morrissey went off stage while the band played and the surge of the crowd was on taking over the stage. Morrissey came back on to finish the song but a zealous security guard mistakenly stagerushed an upset Morrissey off stage towards the back. The show was over. Now I never thought that Morrissey himself would ever be back in Toronto again, and to perform this song live at Sony Center makes things complete. At least that’s the way I see it or mis-remember it as usual.


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