Thames Fatales conquers les Filles du Roi / Ladies luncheon with Royal City

story by Jen Wilson

The story of the day would be the heated rematch of the Thames Fatales and Les Filles du Roi who were the victors at Beast of the East 2010. During that BoE the Fatales had fallen to FDR by 91 to 12.

With Montreal being on the road, it’s always a question as to who would be on the track this time? The match at Tri-City featured a short-benched Contrabanditas with substitutes as did the match between CN Power and the Sexpos, so what would Les Filles du Roi feature? The programme stated the following:

That’s What She Said
Raffy Duck
Beth Rave
Magnum P.E.I.
Waxey McBush
Al Strapone
Phunky Bladz
Dame of Doom

Ok, about the Derby! The Lunch Ladies had a really big lead and then the Royal City caught up to them in the second half. They got within 3 points! During the last jam the LL jammer was in the penalty box when the RC jammer got caught up in the blockers, and just then the LL jammer came out of the penalty box and burst through the blockers and then stopped the jam. It was amazing! In the Thames Fatales game, it was rough! Killson was amazing and just kept blowing past everyone. Slacker Smacker looked like she was always falling on her right hip. From Les Filles Magnum P.E.I. was huge and it looked like she would be an impenetrable blocker, but she was a bit slow and the TF players would target her first to deal with her right away. Mirambo was great too and I saw her fly and send some flying around the track. She is spunky as hell. Krakatoa from FR was pretty brutal. I think I got a good shot of Mirambo being squeezed from both sides by some FR players.

Dr. Johnny Capote on Montreal: “They just have been sending weak rosters lately, not by choice. And the house teams have been off since August 6th”


On RCRG, Dr. Johnny Capote says: “They are only missing a piece or two, that only time develops. I saw them at CWRDA East, and really liked what I saw.”