Happy 35th Birthday Skateworld! and Help Save Skateworld! with Velvet Klaw

Skateworld, a fixture in the San Diego world of skating is about to hold its 35th Birthday bash with a 70’s Roller Disco celebration! The date is Tuesday, October 6th and the venue of course is Skateworld.

Velvet Klaw [aka Teresa Salazar] of San Diego Roller Derby is behind a concerted effort to Help Save Skateworld in San Diego which has been holding events such as Eat for Skateworld which was followed up with Skate for Skateworld.

1. What has been your role in San Diego Roller Derby?

[A] San Diego Roller Derby has been a large part of my life since its beginning. I started in derby in 2006 and was a founding member of SDRD in 2008. On the floor I play #2 blocker position. Off the floor I serve as a member of our Board of Directors and also print all our merchandise and uniform shirts. That keeps me pretty busy!

SDRD is a nonprofit group which helps raise funds for other nonprofits at each home bout. League members are very involved with organizing and promoting our bouts and other outside events. We couldn’t accomplish all that we have without the help of our skaters.

2. What is the role of Skateworld in the Derby scene?

[A] 2010 marked our first full home bouting season and it has been a great success for us and our home rink, Skateworld. Our league has a family connection to our rink. Skateworld’s owner, Gary Stang, also coaches our players along with his son Brett who is our head coach. Former L.A. Thunderbird, John Hall, is also part of our coaching staff and works one-on-one with all the new recruits. It’s been wonderful to learn from him and hear about his personal experiences as a derby player! SDRD is experiencing a large growth of new members and we hope to be able to continue skating at Skateworld next season and for many more after that!

3. How long has Skateworld been around?

[A] Skateworld is getting ready to celebrate their 35th birthday and it is our hope that they will continue to serve the skating community for many years to come.

4. When was San Diego Roller Derby founded?

[A] San Diego Roller Derby (SDRD) was established in 2008 at Skateworld, our home rink. However, In June of this year it was disclosed that the San Diego Redevelopment Agency now has an exclusive negotiation agreement with a private development company for the property on which Skateworld is located. This company has indicated that they plan to redevelop the property and the future of Skateworld is uncertain.

5. Why is Skateworld’s future in question now?

[A] These plans were never shared with the community nor with the Planning Committee, which serves the neighborhood of Linda Vista in which Skateworld is located. This is the last remaining roller rink in the City of San Diego. If the rink is forced to close, we at SDRD will lose our home. San Diego City Council Member Donna Frye wants to give the property to Bayside Community Center, a non‑profit group which was established to provide social services to another local sub‑culture local. Bayside would like to turn the Skateworld building into a recreation center which would focus on the game of Futsal, a form of indoor soccer which is mainly played in Brazil. There are already several Futsal training locations in San Diego, but there are no other roller rinks. In order to counter the public outcry in support of keeping the rink in operation, Bayside has said that they will include roller skating into their repertoire of sports that they will offer. SDRD practices a minimum of nine hours per week, plus additional open skate hours that are available to our members. This does not include the time that we need to host home bouts. This new “community” center that is being proposed would not be able to sustain the needs of our league. We have had a successful debut home season and hope to continue next season.

6. What has been the reaction by fans of Skateworld?

[A] There has been a huge public outcry in support of keeping the rink open and we have had much media attention. I serve on the Board of Directors for SDRD and the Friends of Skateworld (FOSW). The FOSW is a non‑profit group that was formed in order to help save the rink. We have hosted several support rallies which have been very well received. We have set up a blog that has a lot of information as well as links to all the media pieces that have been published. Our mission is to bring this issue to the public and let their voices be heard before the City Council makes decisions without giving any consideration to the needs and wishes of their constituents. We hope to show them that this rink already serves as a “community center” by providing a place that brings people of all ages and backgrounds together through skating. I know for a fact that our derby bouts have brought a new audience to the rink and many of our fans have taken up skating themselves. In addition to derby and open skate sessions, the rink also provides practice time for figure skating and also hosts many fundraisers for local nonprofit groups and organizations. It’s been wonderful to see this resurgence of roller skating! We cannot let this rink close!

7.  Is there a site for people sign up to show their support? Is there an online petition?

[A]: Yes. We do have an online petition that people can sign. Here is the URL- http://www.facebook.com/l/7b32f3GQNPbLBbM-UzLuBd_5Tvg;www.thepetitionsite.com/1/save-san-diego-skateworld-roller-rink/

We are also encouraging people to write to the city council members and have a link that sends the email to ALL the council members at once –


We are also taking donations online via PayPal here – http://www.facebook.com/l/7b32fL9EsS5WnEG_kQlCyxyda6w;friendsofskateworld.com/donate/

If anyone wants to get a receipt for a tax deductible donation, we have a page set up that explains how to do that through our Fiscal Agent – http://www.facebook.com/l/7b32f_SfXmxdpHGFf0SBpToLOWw;friendsofskateworld.blogspot.com/p/find-out-how-your-donations-can-help-us.html

The Friends of Skateworld has a Facebook page here – http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=117559458288842&v=wall

There are photos from the roller rallies as well as many from patrons of Skateworld. Please feel free to use whatever you like. We really need help with spreading the word about the situation with the city council. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

S.O.S. – Save Our Skateworld!

The date of the party is Wednesday October 6th from 6:30 to 9:30pm at Skateworld. Admission is $7.00 per person and skate rental is FREE! This event is hosted by the Friends of Skateworld and ALL proceeds will go directly to our fight to Save Our Skateworld!


Chicks Ahoy! at home against Smoke City Betties – September 11, 2010



SEPTEMBER 11, 2010

One year ago:

Smoke City Betties Championship Game Roster November 21, 2009
(versus Gore Gore Rollergirls)

Manager – Coreylicious
#48 – Hot Roller – captain
#58 – Miss Behaviour – captain
#88 – Crimson Shivers
#36 – Demolition Dawn
#21 – Dyna Hurtcha
#4 – Jewel Kicker
#82 – Janis D’Menace
#15 – Lady Frost
#22 – Marvel S Maven
#26er – Pretty Peeved
#11 – Slaughter Lauder
#23 – Thunder Struck
#56 – Memphis Kitty
#34 – Lacy Brawler

Smoke City Betties roster September 11, 2010
(versus Chicks Ahoy! at kast game of regular season)

#48 – Hot Roller
#090 – Sail-Her Poon
#5 de mayo – Diva Zapata!
#13-I – Genuine Risk
#8008 – Grim Avenger
#34A – Lacy Brawler
#15 – Lady Scorcher
#56 – Memphis Kitty
#17 – Mouth of the South
#26er – Pretty Peeved
#32 – P Doddy
#78 – Platinum Bomb
#1983 – Sin D Drop-Her
#1337 – titmouse
#47 – Tropic Thunder

Manager – Mia Culprit
Manager – Quickdraw

By apparent count that is 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 new actual faces on the Betties roster that faced the following Chicks Ahoy! team:

Chicks Ahoy!

#765 – Fubar Bundy – captain
#96 – Hum Dinger – captain
#2/3 – Blammo

#99.1 – Candy Crossbones
#10 – Cherri Nova
#88 – Crimson Shivers
#01 – Dolly Destructo
#21 – Dyna Hurtcha
#-40 – Fireweed
#2 – Furious Georgia
#98m/s² – G-Force
#65 – Hoff
#06 – Kara Mia Beere
#v12 – Mach Wheels
#NZ41 – Marmighty
#22 – Marvel S. Maven
#26 – MegaBouche
#2×4 – Nasher the Smasher
#7 – Rebel Rock-It
#34A – Robber Blind
#L7 – Tara Part

So what is the compelling story here? The tale of a (0-2 this season) team with a roster turnover of 10 new rookies infused amongst  some determined Pretty Peeved holdovers [which also included duo Ls Lacy Brawler, Lady Scorcher and the hot Hot Roller and Memphis Kitty]  who had been outscored in their previous two bouts 248-58 by Gore Gore Rollergirls and 213-53 by Death Track Dolls?

The other story could be the a team shift in the offseason that has Dyna Hurtcha back on skates for the first time and Marvel S. Maven now wearing the green of Chicks Ahoy! (1-1) instead of the black and blue they were photographed in last year and now facing old comrades?

Remarks  from Quickdraw regarding the Betties response to their opposition: “Sure, the Chicks are heavy hitters and can create a tricky wall to get through but all of the Betties’ jammers will just keep fighting until they find a way. A few of our starting lines even [have/had] players that are used to being either pivots or blockers in the jammer position. It gives those Betties a chance to try out in a game what they have excelled at in practices and possibly throw off the opposing team who are used to how our regular jammers skate.”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

First jam saw Chicks Ahoy! #99.1 Candy Crossbones against Smoke City Betties #15 Lady Scorcher on the jammer line with Grim Avenger on pivot, Platinum Bomb, Sail-Her Poon, and P-Doddy against Chicks Ahoys!’ Dyna Hurtcha, #L7 Tara Part on pivot, Mega Bouche and Marmighty.

Candy Crossbones quickly raced ahead of the pack for the home side and their co-ordinated positioning put the Betties on the inside behind a pack of green, keeping Lady Scorcher from getting through while Candy Crossbones moved outside and achieved the first Chicks grandslam of the night and a 5-0 lead. Tropic Thunder tried her best next at jammer with Lacy Brawler at pivot, Mouth of the South, Genuine Risk and and  against the Chicks pack of Nasher, Dyna, Hoff and Robber Blind and jammer Kara Mia Beere.

After 3 jams the score was 34-0. Dyna Hurtcha built the lead for Chicks Ahoy! to a 44-0 lead before Hot Roller was able to score the first three points for the Betties.

By about the sixth jam it was 70-3. Slowing down and containing the Betties pack was the key to long jammer passes by Chicks Ahoy! as they relentless ratcheted their hold on the scoreboard.

There were many different jammer duels thrown into the fray. For the rest of the bout Chicks Ahoy had Rebel Rock-It, Kara Mia Beere, and Dyna Hurtcha on the jammer line facing Hot Roller, Pretty Peeved, Tropic Thunder and Titmouse and Lady Scorcher [who jams for CN Power too]. Tara Part was back in action after an absence while the Betties welcomed back Sail-Her Poon. Also rolling for Chicks Ahoy! Mega Bouche, Nasher the Smasher and even Hoff.

First period score ended 130-14. No matter the score, the informal poll of the fans signaled a clear victory in cheering for the Betties.

The second period stepped up the action with Rebel Rock-It scoring 25 which was a new ToRD record to make it 204-23. Then after Mega Bouche jammed, Candy Crossbones scored 25 of her own to make it 229-26. Dyna Hutcha tried for 25 but ran out of time and had to settle for 19  on a jam that featured a mega collision with a scary moment of Tropic Thunder laying on the track. Lady Scorcher responded with a grand slam of her own for a 248-33 comeback.

Even when the Chicks Ahoy! got into penalty problems they countered with the new deadslow start and blocking at the pivot line, a puzzling to the fans strategy that had been seen used by Lake Effect Furies against CN Power at the Hangar and the Sexpos bout with Tri-City Thunder earlier.

Then the Betties could not score on power jam situations. Chicks Ahoy! were a smooth executioner in pack positioning, edging the Betties jammers into cutting track on the inside while the roguelike Marmighty #41 positioned herself on the outside and hit hard [not unlike the Montreal Sexpos K-Dawg #42]. The score ended at 266-42-the circling of the track by both teams to high five the fans signalled the conclusion of the ToRD regular season for 2010 and the battle for second place in the hands of Chicks Ahoy!

Coach Quickdraw of the Betties feels it has been a rewarding process nonetheless, “It’s been great to see the both the returning Betties and new recruits learn to skate together and learn from each other since this season started. The more practice and bout time that the team gets behind them, the better they’ll become. Once everyone is skating together to the point where they can better anticipate and react to what their teammates and their opponents will do in the pack situation at the time, they’ll most definitely be a tough team to beat.”

Next game is October 2-the start of the semi-finals playoff season with the same Smoke City Betties [now 0-3] going against first place and  undefeated Gore Gore Rollergirls [3-0].